Our Services


Our delivery is pinned by four pillars

We bring quality and understanding in the way we deliver our services. We develop & deliver world-class corporate training programmes for employees that align with your organisation’s culture. In addition we understand and apply the assessment principles as stipulated by the SETAs in running our credit bearing training programmes.


Competent Team

Our team is made up of well trained and experienced practitioners who are passionate about our mandate as an institution and also live up to your expectations as our clients. Every trainer/facilitator for any training programme is handpicked to ensure that they have the right industry experience as well as subject matter expertise.


Course Content and Material

We understand that training material/ course content is one of the core pieces of any training programme — if it’s not compelling and useful, the whole essence of the training intervention will be lost. To that end we make sure that our course content is in line with the course objectives and deliverables, suitable for the target audience as well as compatible with the delivery method to be used for the programme.


Learner/Delegate Focused

Our Mission Statement and Quality Policy articulate our commitment to our learners. Learner and client expectations are determined, understood, converted into requirements, and processes are designed to exceed them in order to fulfil this Mission and Quality Policy, on a daily basis.

Staying close to our delegates is our primary method of determining and understanding their requirements and expectations, and we accomplish this objective through a multitude of channels. These communications and interactions ultimately yield clear, explicit requirements and expectations.


Quality Assurance

We have developed a rigorous Quality Management System which identifies the measurement, monitoring, analysis, information, and actions necessary to achieve planned results, effective operations and continuous improvement. 

The Quality Management System (QMS) is that part of our overall business system which implements our Quality Policy, establishes procedures for providing training and other related services which meet or exceed learner and client expectations, and satisfies external quality system requirements by boards such as the QCTO and SETAs.